Internationalisation at Home: Transforming Societies. A conference.



If by the year 2020, 20% of European students study abroad for a portion of their higher education*, 80% of students will remain at home. Yet, they will still require global education.

If a global student mobility decreases in the next decade**, the competition for world talent will become even tougher.

If so, then universities must modernise to incline bright domestic students to stay and qualified international students to arrive. They should strive to increase their quality.

One of the ways is to introduce Internationalisation at Home.

"Internationalisation at Home is the purposeful integration of international and intercultural dimensions into the formal and informal curriculum for all students, within domestic learning environments***".

Elspeth Jones & Jos Belen, 2015

Join us June 12-15, 2018 in Warsaw, Poland to discuss solutions which can strategically engage a university in a quality-enhancing process of Internationalisation at Home.

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** International student mobility to 2027: Local investment, global outcomes, British Council, 2017
***The European Higher Education Area: Between critical reflections and future policies, 2015